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Inverter or Non-Inverter

How to choose your Air Conditioner or Heatpump

Inverter vs Non-Inverter?

The key difference between the two is that an inverter unit can regulate the speed of its compressor motor via its inverter PCB.

Once the room is cool (Aircon) or the water is warm Heatpump) the inverter PCB lowers the speed of this compressor motor's rotation to reduce the flow of refrigerant gas used to cool the air.

This reduces electricity usage and makes less noise, it is also easier on the compressor motor as in ramps up and down slowly compared to either on or of as with fixed speed/non-inverter units

In comparison, non-inverter compressor motors run at full speed, but turns off once the temperature is at the desired level. This repeated on-off process makes it more audible and it consumes more electricity than the inverter units.


Pro's :

  • The motor of the inverter compressor has a variable speed.
  • A sensor in the inverter adjusts the power according to the temperature needed lowering the electricity consumption.
  • It saves you money due to the compressor not working at full capacity all the time. When the speed is lower, the needed electricity is lower and you pay less for electricity. 
  •   They are quieter since the compressor motor of the inverter unit does not turn on and off when it reaches or loses temperature.
  • The technology of the inverters not only makes cooling and heating more efficient, but it also makes the unit’s life longer due to being less stressed mechanically.
  • The inverter unit is able to uses less electricity to cool or heat than the non-inverter. This is due to the fact that during the process the inverter diminishes the power when it gets close to the desired temperature.


    •  More expensive than non-inverter (fixed speed).
    •  Parts are more expensive, the compressor motor especially.
    •  Has an inverter pcb that is normally more expensive to replace than non- inverter pcb's.



      • The speed of the non-inverter compressor is fixedThis means that it operates at full speed or not at all.
      • Less expensive than Inverter units, including parts as they are designed more straight forward with less working parts.
      • A constant amount of energy is delivered to the compressor which causes it to run at a fixed speed.
      • Non-inverters turn on and off any time they reach a certain temperature considered to be their set point limit. This happens when the compressor is started and then subsequently stops as it reaches set point.


        •  System works harder and produces more noise than inverter units.
        • This also causes more wear and tear on the system, which means they may not last as long, compared to the inverter models although the simplicity normally does ensure long term reliability.

           Please refer to our next page for guidance on choosing the right size unit.

          Installation Time Line :

          After our quotation was accepted by the client and the deposit was paid, we will order your air conditioner. Supply deliveries usually takes place within 3-7 working days depending on your chosen unit and the supplier that we use.

          Installation can take between 3 hours and 2 days depending on the installation location and intricacy of your unit. This time will be communicated with you beforehand after site inspection.