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Competitive prices on Air Conditioning Installations, Repairs, Maintenance and Service. We also offer Aircon relocation services.

Some of our trusted brands include Alliance Air, Samsung and Daikin Air Conditioners

Air conditioning units improve air quality and maintain the right level of moisture and temperature in your space. Air conditioners circulate filtered, clean air keeping your family and employees healthy.

Air Conditioners also trap germs, dust and pollen.

If you or your family members suffer from hay-fever or allergies, an air conditioner would definitely help.

AIR CONDITIONER AND HEAT PUMP INSTALLATIONS, REPAIRS, MAINTENANCE AND SERVICING. heat pumps alliance air, air conditioner daikin, aircon relocation


Apart from Air Conditioning we also do Heat Pump Installation, Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing.

Heat pumps absorb heat energy from the environment
then transfers this heat energy via the refrigeration process to the
water in your swimming pool or geyser. Resulting in lower electricity costs.

This process use considerably less electricity than a standard electrical geyser element would use to produce the same amount of heat.

If these units are kept serviced regularly, they last for many years paying for themselves in electricity savings on heating costs and reliability.

We offer maintenance contracts with competitive prices for residential and commercial properties.

Whatever the make, we have you covered.

heat pumps alliance air, air conditioner daikin, aircon relocation, AIR CONDITIONER AND HEAT PUMP INSTALLATIONS, REPAIRS, MAINTENANCE AND SERVICING

About Us

Caring about the environment as air conditioning and heat-pump technicians.

We have a responsibility to look after the environment.

Refrigerant gas that vents into atmosphere contributes to greenhouse the effect.

Refrigerant units such as air conditioners and heat pumps use closed systems and therefor, when they are low on gas (refrigerant), the problem is usually because of a leak.

These units utilize gas internally, they do not consume it in order to work.

Before re-gassing a unit we find the leak first and fix it, we then re-gas the unit to do our part in leaving a smaller carbon footprint and save the customer on forever having to add gas.


A conventional Heater has a one to one power output. That means that for every 1Kw of heat required, you will use 1Kw of electrical power. An Air Conditioner uses 1Kw electrical power for every 3Kw of heat. That means that an Air Conditioner is 300% more efficient than a conventional heater and can save you a lot on your electricity consumption.


Airscalibur arrived on time and got to work straight away.

Work was done efficiently and with the utmost precision.

The service and professionalism was evident throughout the time the team were working.

I would recommend Airscalibur anytime.

Herschelle Gibbs

Airscalibur responded quickly to my request and came in at a really brilliant price. Christiaan and the guys were professional, worked very neatly and made sure that everything was in order before they left. I am a very satisfied customer and will recommend this company a 100% for AC installations.

Sameenah Barday

You rock! We are new in Cape Town and the high quality service are of high standard. Thank you Christiaan! You have a customer for life

Athol Murray

Airscalibur was very responsive and with competitive rates. Workmanship was top notch. Look forward to working with the team again.

Julius Kisielius

I highly recommend Airscalibur !

Healthy obsession with attention to detail and friendly service made my day when dealing with the team!

Airscalibur installed our aircon unit just in time for this heat wave and my wife and I couldn’t be happier.

Louis Bester